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Hosting & Email Services

We offer a range of services to fulfil your business Internet and digital communication needs.
  • Domain Name Registration – We will advise you on the best domain name(s) available and manage the registration of it, and the transfer of your domain name(s) for and on your behalf.
  • Website Hosting – We provide fast, secure and reliable servers within the London Internet Exchange. Our website hosting packages use the very latest Windows based servers that provide support for ASP, .NET, PHP, mySQL and Microsoft SQL Server. The servers support databases, FrontPage extensions, custom error pages, full anti-virus scanning and security certificates amongst several other technical capabilities.
  • Email Hosting - We offer a number of packages to cater for organisations of different sizes. Our email servers include a powerful spam filter with anti-virus protection, have an extremely useful web-based email facility and support all the major protocols including SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SSL.
  • Hosting Back Up - Our Servers are backed up by a mirrored server system to ensure complete peace-of-mind and confidence that your website, eCommerce solution, or database management systems will be live 24/7.
  • Networking – We set up networks using wired, wireless and powerline technology, helping you make better use of the computers within your business.

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