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If you require reliability, the use of your own domain name and a feature rich email platform, our Email Hosting packages are ideal. We offer a number of packages to cater for organisations of different sizes. Our email servers support all the major protocols including SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP and SSL.

If you are out of the office on a regular basis we have several solutions available to make accessing your email a simple task. IMAP technology synchronises your email account so that it is the same wherever you are accessing it, so if you have a laptop and a desktop PC you will have all of your emails and folders available to you. You can also access your emails using a web browser by logging in to our webmail facility, which provides a secure platform to read and respond to emails wherever you are able to access the Internet.

Our email servers include a powerful spam filter with anti-virus protection. Emails that are sent from known spam sending addresses are automatically blocked before they even reach your Inbox. Any emails that are heuristically analysed as potential spam are reported to you in a digest email, which you can quickly release and receive any genuine emails should they happen to be incorrectly marked as spam.