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Networking your hardware so that users can share information and printers is now an essential tool to maximise efficiency in any business environment. The installation of a server will speed up data transfer and safeguard valuable data, as well as centralising and synchronising files and reducing bandwidth usage.

Lifetime Web offer full network installation, maintenance, upgrades and additions - whether you want a new network, a new user added to an existing network, or technical support we can provide the solution to getting your business running smoothly.

Wireless networks typically allow for a range of 20-30 metres depending on the environment. There are new technologies available for networking over large distances. Wireless signals can now be powerfully directed by line of sight from one point to another, extending the wireless reach by hundreds of metres. Powerline technology allows network connections between two standard plug sockets when on the same ring main, which is ideal for connecting machines in a non-wireless friendly environment.