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Search Engine Optimisation in St Neots, Cambridgeshire

When you search for something within Google, you will often see a section of Sponsored Links at the top of the search results. Just below that section are the natural listings. Each position in the natural listings is called a ranking. The rankings are different for each keyword or keyphrase that is searched upon and the rankings will change over a period of weeks to keep the most relevant results at the top.

Statistics show that the websites that rank highly in the natural Google search results receive more clicks through to the website than those in the Sponsored Links section. Either way, if you're near the top, you'll get a lot of clicks, but the advantage of being high in the natural results is that it doesn't cost you money every time someone clicks on your link.

Ranking highly within Google is extremely difficult and can take anywhere from a week to a year. Some keywords are extremely competitive and others are so unique that it takes only a little effort to get to the top. When marketing your website, we analyse which keywords and keyphrases are the most popular searched upon and formulate a long-term plan to get your website to the top for those search terms. We will also look at any niche possibilities that are present in order to get a high ranking in the short term.

Integrating Search Engine Optimisation into your website for Google and other major search engines is a very technical task and one that many amateurs claim to be able to do at extremely attractive rates. At the end of the day, if your website has been designed by us, it will have been designed to be optimised for Google from the very start, so there will be no need to pay anyone else.

If you already have a website, our WebCheck service helps you analyse the Search Engine Optimisation that has been implemented and how effective that SEO is performing within major search engines such as Google.
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Don't forget, your investment in the website is just the beginning. Marketing your company and website on the Internet is just as important, and our skills in Search Engine Optimisation are paramount to get you noticed, maximizing your return on investment.

We have performed Search Engine Optimisation in St Neots, Cambridgeshire and the surrounding area over many years. Our extensive knowledge and experience of SEO techniques can help your company website reach the top.