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Search engines do not see websites like we do. They don't see images or colours and the layout is also not a key feature; The page content of your site is by far the most important factor with regards to SEO. In the UK, over 90% of all web searches are made using Google. At LifetimeWeb, we take Google into account before we even start developing a website. It has become so important to perform well in Google that we incorporate SEO techniques specifically for Google into the design and development of every website we develop.

Google ranks websites according to how relevant they are to the keyword or keyphrase that the user has searched for. Relevancy is the important word. There are numerous factors that Google takes into account when calculating the relevancy of different websites. Those factors and the formula that Google uses in its calculations is one of the most closely guarded secrets in the world. So how do we get you to the top of Google? We use our years of experience of course.

The text displayed on the website is important to Google, but behind every website is the code that is interpreted by your web browser to display it to you in a graphical, visually pleasing way. Within that code is lots of text information that Google picks up to determine what that particular webpage is all about. Title tags give the content a title, META tags describe the content within the body of the page, Link Titles help to describe what content is related to the page and Image Alt tags describe what each picture represents. All of these elements contribute towards the relevancy of your website, and it is our job to make sure that we use all of those elements in the best possible way.