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Online file management is becoming increasingly important to companies whose staff work remotely or in multiple locations. Emailing large files is not always practical, so having the facility to upload files to a website opens up all sorts of possibilities, such as monitoring downloads, allowing users to comment on files, recording the version history of a document and much more.

Many businesses do not take full advantage of the technology they already have at their disposal. A company website does not have to be simply public facing; it can incorporate private "Members Only" areas for customers as well as employees. Company information can be made available online so that the company staff can access important data quickly and easily wherever they are in the world.

We can integrate software and databases on your company network with your website. Information contained in accounting packages such as Sage can supply product pricing and stock levels. Reports can be generated to keep customers informed of the latest statistics affecting their business. There are numerous possibilities for web-based applications that we would be happy to discuss with you. Even if you are unaware of what the web can do for your business, our team can think outside the box and suggest several options of projects for you to consider.

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