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Digital Media & Marketing

We produce functional, navigable and graphically pleasing websites, we go the extra mile and help form a marketing strategy for your website, here's how;

The marketing and promotional of your website once developed, is, in our opinion, more important than the design itself! We agree the overall design and appeal must of course be exceptional and we strive to work together with all clients to provide an online marketing strategy to your target audience. This includes e-shots, e-marketing campaigns, e-newsletters etc.:

  • E-Shots - The power of email marketing is immense. We can assist you in designing, creating and delivering a message to an interested audience at any time. You can track which of those customers has opened the email, whether they have clicked any of the links through to your website and even see what they ordered as a result of your email newsletter.
  • E-Marketing - We'll assist in your site being found within Google, either by paid for advertising Google Adwords Campaign or by appearing in the natural listings with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO):
    • Google Adwords Campaign – We can configure the advert to be as targeted as you want it to be and track the performance of it to the smallest detail. Google AdWords does not cost very much (typically our customers spend £30-50 per month) but the benefits are great.
    • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A website with excellent SEO needs to have its website statistics analysed and adjusted to maintain its ranking within search engines such as Google. A major factor is inbound links, where customers can find you through a link on a referral website.
  • QR Codes - A "Quick Response Code" is a valuable marketing tool for use on your printed media, whether that is a poster, sign or even your business cards! Any user who has a "smart phone" equipped with the correct reader software can scan the code and be instantly directed to your website.
  • Promotional - We can provide concepts, designs and a marketing service providing;
    • Printable vouchers for discounted entry
    • Newsletter sign-up forms
    • 'Send to a friend' links
    • Discount codes on eCommerce websites
    • Access to premium content for registered members
    • Forums to discuss the topics raised by the website
  • Statistical Analysis - Our statistics package allows you to view a whole raft of information, from basic visitor stats to detailed analysis of search engine phrases used.