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Email newsletters are often associated with Spam (often called Junk mail). Spam is very different to an email newsletter; one is asked for, the other is not wanted. When a customer provides you with their email address, whether it is during the ordering process, by contacting you directly or by signing up specifically for your newsletter, they are confirming that they are interested in what your business has to offer.

If a person receives an email newsletter from a company they know and trust, they are likely to read it. With spam, it is often deleted before you read it as you will know it is not from a sender you are familiar with or the subject will not feature any of your interests.

The power of email marketing is immense. You will be able to deliver a message to an interested audience at any time, without any cost. You can even track which of those customers has opened the email, whether they have clicked any of the links through to your website and even see what they ordered as a result of your email newsletter. Try doing that with a leaflet!