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Many websites remain fairly static for the duration of their lifespan, only changing by small amounts from month to month. This is acceptable for many clients as their website may only form a small part of their overall marketing strategy. However, for some clients, their website is an integral part of their business and so must be promoted to its full potential.

There are a number of tactics that can be employed when marketing any website to tempt new visitors to the site, to generate more interaction with the site and to encourage users to revisit the site again and again. We have used many promotional methods on our customers' websites, including:
  • Printable vouchers for discounted entry into a club
  • Newsletter sign-up forms for gathering email addresses of interested customers
  • 'Send to a friend' links to help users promote the website to their friends
  • Discount codes on eCommerce websites to tie in with an advertising campaign
  • Access to premium content for registered members
  • Forums to discuss the topics raised by the website
All of these tactics help to promote interest in a website and together form part of a strategy to make the most of your online presence.